We have developed several unique techniques for sharing engineering knowledge online. Our Instructor’s approach makes it possible for engineers everywhere to learn the subject as if an instructor is teaching personally.

Advantages for Employers:-

  • Convenience: – Balancing the demands of work and home is not easy hence online training is a boon for employees to learn from work or home.
  • Immediacy: – Online training enables you to take up a course in just a short span of time and engage the employees in the training right away saving a lot of time.
  • Cost Reducing / Affordability: – Minimum 50% to 70% of training expenses can be saved due to the elimination of Travel & accommodation expenses.
  • Time Flexibility:-The Employer’s can schedule their Employees convenient time without wasting the project hours.
  • Better Retention: – When listening to class lecture the average learner’s retention is 10% but when it comes to online training this ration increases to 70%.
  • Relevance: – Online training ensures accurate and relevant training for each & every employee.
  • Ease of Use: – Online training allows you to work at your own pace and all you need is just a system or laptop.
  • Quality: – Every employee is treated and tested in the same way. Individual learners are tracked and potential problems can be identified and resolved.